Air Traffic Manager

  Marcus Miller

The ATM is responsible for the macro-management of the ARTCC. They oversee day-to-day operations and ensure the ARTCC runs smoothly.

Deputy Air Traffic Manager

  Joshua Seagrave

The DATM assists the ATM with the management of the ARTCC. The DATM acts as the ATM when necessary.

Training Administrator

  Ryan Drozd

The TA works with the ATM and DATM to build training programs, establish training procedures, and recommend instructors and mentors.

Events Coordinator

  Bennet Roberts

The EC is responsible for the creation, planning, advertising, and coordination of events with neighboring facilities, virtual airlines, VATUSA, and VATSIM.

Facility Engineer

  Elijah Whitaker

The FE is responsible for the creation of sector files, radar client files, training scenarios, written documents, and other ARTCC resources as directed by the ATM.

Assistant Facility Engineer

  Reuben Prevost

  Crockett Tucker

  Thomas Johnson


  Michael Romashov

The WM is responsible for the operation and maintenance of ARTCC IT services such as the website, Teamspeak server, and other tasks as required.


  Ryan Drozd

  Marcus Miller

  Elijah Whitaker


  Bennet Roberts Center

  Joshua Seagrave Center