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Fly the Line: MSY-MCI

(Oct 31, 2020)

(0130z 0230z)

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Presented by Southwest Virtual

We Continue with our flight sim streaming series at SWVA Operations using real southwest operations and procedures. In our continued flight sim streaming series, we simulate southwest procedures by flying the line as airline pilots would. Happy Halloween! Get your costumes and prepare for a flight to spooky Kansas City.

***THIS EVENT TAKES PLACE DURING THE ZJX FNO*** (10/30 2030-2130 LCL). MSY needs to be staffed in addition to other positions within ZHU during the FNO.

Routing to be expected: MCB LIT SGF TYGER6

Center Assignments

(0 Available)

  • HOU_81_CTR - Ryan Drozd
TRACON Assignments

(0 Available)

  • MSY_APP - Joshua Seagrave
Cab Assignments

(2 Available)

  • MSY_TWR - Unassigned
  • MSY_GND - Unassigned