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Walker Air Fly In

(Oct 22, 2020)

(0100z 0300z)

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Presented by Walker Air Transport VA

Welcome to our first Winglet Wednesday! Tonight, we are flying from KEDC in the capital city of Austin, Texas, over to Easterwood Field in College Station, home to Texas A&M University. Bring anything from the quaint little Grumman Tiger all the way to the Falcon 50! If you want to, we will have KCLL staffed so that you can get some practice VFR pattern work in!

Preflight begins at 8:00PM CT on the 21st (0100Z on the 22nd)

Depart between 8:15 and 8:45PM CT

Enroute time should be between 20 and 45 minutes

After arrival, you can continue flying, or you can do VFR patterns at Easterwood field until the event is over.

Check out Walker Air: https://walkerair.us/

Center Assignments

(0 Available)

  • HOU_81_CTR - Che Jackson
TRACON Assignments

(2 Available)

  • HOU_D_APP - Michael LaRosh
  • HOU_U_APP - Unassigned
  • HOU_T_APP - Unassigned
  • AUS_APP - Elijah Whitaker
Cab Assignments

(2 Available)

  • EDC_TWR - Unassigned
  • EDC_GND - Jackson Choran
  • CLL_TWR - Unassigned
  • CLL_GND - Michael Bonaga