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Autumn In Austin

(Nov 28, 2020)

(2359z 0400z)

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Presented by Houston ARTCC

Autumn is officially in full swing here in Texas and we want to celebrate. That is why we are inviting you on November 28 from 2359z-0400z to come celebrate with us! What is better then flying out of the beautiful Austin airport after that Thanksgiving feast you just had. So, come on down, join us as we celebrate Autumn in Austin!!!

Center Assignments

(0 Available)

  • HOU_T_CTR - Jarid Masiel
  • HOU_37_CTR - Raaj Patel
  • HOU_46_CTR - Bennet Roberts
  • HOU_88_CTR - Ryan Drozd
TRACON Assignments

(0 Available)

  • AUS_W_APP - Joshua Seagrave
  • AUS_F_APP - Elijah Whitaker
  • AUS_E_APP - Kamren Perkins
  • HOU_D_APP - John Manley
  • MSY_APP - Danny Brown
Cab Assignments

(1 Available)

  • AUS_TWR - Crockett Tucker
  • AUS_GND - Jackson Choran
  • AUS_DEL - Joel Arndt
  • AUS_T_TWR - Unassigned