Event - Info And Signup

Alamo to All the Snow


Denver ARTCC

Event Date:

2019-02-02 23:59:00z - 2019-02-03 04:00:00z

Event Description

ZDV and ZHU present a truly unique experience: A crossfire of planes AND controllers!

On February 2nd, 2019 Houston and Denver will swap controllers under their current letter of agreement.

Join us as we feature San Antonio International Airport and City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport.
ZDV and ZHU controllers will be controlling in the other's ARTCC for this event!

Position Assignments

Position Name Controller
DEN_17_CTR No Assignment
DEN_22_CTR No Assignment
DEN_TWR No Assignment
COS_DEP Calvin Calhoun Jr.
COS_TWR No Assignment
COS_GND No Assignment
COS_DEL No Assignment
HOU_D_APP No Assignment
SAT_N_APP Michael Gordon