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Jingle Bells and Sea Shells


Houston ARTCC

Event Date:

2018-12-18 23:59:00z - 2018-12-19 03:00:00z

Event Description

The economy has hit Santa hard this year, and he's in need of a vacation. Fire up anything that flies, and get the man in red to the beaches of Corpus Christi for some much needed R&R!

Please note: Flying reindeer are not approved for use on VATSIM.

Position Assignments

Position Name Controller
HOU_38_CTR Marcos Garcia Tobar
HOU_59_CTR Jaden Simmons
HOU_D_APP Brandon Wening
HOU_E_DEP No Assignment
CRP_N_APP Michael Gordon
CRP_S_APP Baraquiel Lopez
IAH_TWR Derek Quist
IAH_GND Luke Wooden
IAH_DEL No Assignment
CRP_TWR Thomas Kurien
CRP_GND Jordan Cohen
CRP_DEL No Assignment